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Being Karin Kjernsmo:

I was born way up in northern part of Norway (Hammerfest), but I have been living in Sweden
 most of my life (since I was about 2 years old). Grew up in a small town called Torsby, located 
 approximatly 340 km north of Gothenburg, and close to the Norwegian boundary. In addition to my 
 great interest in biology, I also have a big passion for:

  • Motorcycles (have got my own Yamaha R1)
  • Music and singing, I started singing classical music in 2011 for the soprano Anneliina Koskinen
  • I am also the Lead vocalist of the Melodic Punk-Rock band Divine Punch
  • Hunting, particularily moose hunting
  • Horses
  • Photography
  • ...and ofcourse to spend time with my wonderful family and my dear friends.


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  • Fiancee: Fredrik Sundell, Software programmer at Affecto
  • Child: Loa Aurora Linnéa Kjernsmo, born on the 23rd of May in 2010 in Turku, Finland